Still aus 'Die Bastion' Still aus 'Die Bastion' Still aus 'Die Bastion' Still aus 'Die Bastion'

All the Way back to Liverpool

Germany 2013 | webdocumentary | 6 episodes

Direction: Chandra Fleig
Cinematography: Thomas Bergmann
Sound: Christoph de la Chevallerie
Editing: Conny Albrecht

ALL THE WAY BACK TO LIVERPOOL tells the story of five young musicians who come together in Liverpool at the prestigious Motor Museum Studio, to produce music. Lucy, Macca, Paul, Chandra and Crossy are creative musicians and friends for many years. But they never recorded songs together. The film accompanies them in this experiment. From the first meeting to the recording and production of the songs. The film looks behind the glittering world of the music industry. The daily lives of musicians in the once famous 'City of Music' is part of the narrative as well.